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Europe and the global arms agenda : security, trade and accountability
Vydáno: Baden-Baden : Nomos , 2004
Rozsah: 187 s. :
Jazyk: angličtina
ISBN: 3-8329-0888-9
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Obsah: Introduction - Jocelyn Mawdsley, Marta Martinelli, Eric Remade; Part I: Global Security, Europeanisation and Globalisation: The EU as an Armaments Autor; The Political Economy of Globalisation: Understanding the EUs Security and Defence Policy - Claude Serfati; The EU Security Strategy (ESS): Providing a Strategic Rationale for a EU Armaments Policy? - Gerrard Quille; The Policy Choices Ahead for the EU on Armaments - Jocelyn Mawdsley; European Integration and the Transatlantic Factor in the Aeronautid Industry - Claude Serfati; Continuity and Change in Transatlantic Arms Relations - Michael Broska; Part II: A Safer Europe in a Safer World?: The EU as a Disarmament Autor; Europes New Security Dilemma: Combining Military Build-up and Arms Control Policy - Herbert Wulf; The New Global Arms Control Agenda and Europes Involvement - Ian Anthony; Prospects for Nuclear Disarmament in the EU Post-Iraq - Stephen Pullinger; CFSP Initiatives on Conventional Arms Limitations: Global Actorness or Global Responsibility? - Eric Remacle and Marta Martinelli; Part III: The EUs Role in Armament and Disarmament Policy: Issues of Democratic Accountability; Parliamentary Involvement in Armament and Disarmament Policy: The Challenge of Europeanisation - Jocelyn Mawdsley; The Role of Parliaments in European Arms Export Policy - Sibylle Bauer; The Impact of the EU Code of Conduct and of the Framework Agreement on Italian Regulations and Accountability Mechanisms - Chiara Bonainti; Slovakian Security Sector Reform: Arms Exports and Transparency Matius Korba; NGO Strategies to Enhance Accountability and Transparency in European Arms Exports - HolgerAnders and Ilhan Berkol

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