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The Afghanistan challenge : hard realities and strategic choices
ausgegeben: Montreal : McGill-Queen's University , 2009
Umfang: iv, 264 s.
Sprache: angličtina
ISBN: 978-1-55339-241-5
Recenze: In: Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft , Nr. 2 (2010), s. 164-166.
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Obsah: 1. Introduction - Hans-Georg Ehrhart and Charles C. Pentland; PART I - 2. Assessing the Afghanistan Compact: Is the International Community Defaulting on the Compact or Is the Compact the Wrong Approach? - Citha D. Maass; 3. The Changing Face of Warlordism in Afghanistan - Conrad Schetter and Rainer Glassner; 4. Supporting the State, Depleting the State: Estranged State-Society Relations in Afghanistan - Florian P. Kühn; 5. NGO Myths, Realities, and Advocacy on the International Strategy in Afghanistan - Lara Olson and Andrea Charron; 6. Building Stability in Afghanistan - Mihai P. Carp; 7. Pakistans Afghanistan Policy in the Shadow of India - Christian Wagner; 8. Irans Influence in Afghanistan - Janet Kursawe; 9. The International Commitment in Afghanistan: Failure or Strategy Change? A Strategic Assessment - Hans-Georg Ehrhart and Roland Kaestner; PART II - 10. No Exit: Canada and the "War without End" in Afghanistan - Kim Richard Nossal; 11. Afghanistan and the Limits of "Unlimited Solidarity": A Farewell to Schicksalsgemeinschaft - David G. Haglund; 12. Canada in Afghanistan: Strategic Perspectives - M.D. (Mike) Capstick; 13. The Construction of a War - Christoph Reuter; 14. Security Sector Reform in Afghanistan: The Canadian Approach - David M. Law; 15. Security Sector Reform in Afghanistan: The German Approach - Michael Brzosk
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