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War and conflict communication : critical concepts in media and cultural studies. Volume II
Teil: 2.
ausgegeben: London : Routledge , 2010
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Sprache: angličtina
ISBN: 978-0-415-55458-9
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Obsah: Part 4: Globalized Communication - 22. Arie S. Soesilo and Philo C. Wasburn - Constructing a Political Spectacle: American and Indonesian Media Accounts of the "Crisis in the Gulf" 23. D. K. Thussu - Managing the Media in an Era of Round-the-Clock News: Notes from Indias First Tele-War 24. Erik C. Nisbet et al. - Public Diplomacy, Television News, and Muslim Opinion 25. G. Twumasi and D. Keighley - Television and Conflict in Africa: A Role for the African Public Broadcasting Foundation 26. Mohamed Zayani and Muhammad I. Ayish - Arab Satellite Television and Crisis Reporting: Covering the Fall of Baghdad 27. Crispin Maslog, Seow Ting Lee, and Kim Hun Shik - Framing Analysis of a Conflict: How Newspapers in Five Asian Countries Covered the Iraq War 28. Dwayne Winseck - Information Operations "Blowback": Communication, Propaganda and Surveillance in the Global War on Terrorism Part 5: Technologys Impact 29. Harold N. Graves, Jr - European Radio and the War 30. Michael Mandelbaum - Vietnam: The Television War 31. Jamie Frederic Metzl - Rwandan Genocide and the International Law of Radio Jamming 32. David Machin and Usama Suleiman - Arab and American Computer War Games: The Influence of a Global Technology on Discourse 33. Daniela V. Dimitrova and Matt Neznanski - Online Journalism and the War in Cyberspace: A Comparison Between U.S. and International Newspapers 34. Christian Christensen - Uploading Dissonance: YouTube and the U.S. Occupation of Iraq Part 6: The Journalism of Conflict 35. Paul W. White - Covering a War for Radio 36. J. McCartney - Can the Media Cover Guerrilla Wars? 37. J. H. Altschull - Khrushchev and the Berlin "Ultimatum": The Jackal Syndrome and the Cold War 38. Rune Ottosen - Enemy Images and the Journalistic Process 39. Jerry W. Knudson - Veil of Silence: The Argentine Press and the Dirty War, 1976-1983 40. J. Scrimger and T. Richards - Public Relations Battles and Wars: Journalistic Cliches and the Potential for Conflict Resolution 41. Thomas Hanitzsch - Journalists as Peacekeeping Force? Peace Journalism and Mass Communication Theory 42. W. L. Bennett, R. G. Lawrence, and S. Livingston - None Dare Call it Torture: Indexing and the Limits of Press Independence in the Abu Ghraib Scandal 43. K. Mogensen - Television Journalism During Terror Attacks 44. H. Tumber - Journalists, War Crimes, and International Justice 45. Robert M. Entman, Steven Livingston, and Jennie Kim - Doomed to Repeat: Iraq News 2002-2007
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