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Adapting to European integration? Kaliningrad, Russia and the European Union
Published: Manchester : Manchester University , 2008
Pages: xviii, 276 s.
Language: angličtina
ISBN: 978-0-7190-7901-6
Keywords: Kaliningrad
Recenze: In: Journal of Common Market Studies , Vol. 47, no. 5 (2009), s. 1142-1143.
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Obsah: Figures * Contributors * Acknowledgements * Abbreviations * Introduction: adapting to European integration? Kaliningrad, Russia and the European Union -- Stefan Gänzle and Guido Müntel * Part I: Analytical framework * Conceptualising Europeanisation in Eastern Europe: EU impact in ‘likely’ and ‘unlikely’ member states -- Christoph Knill, Diana Pitschel and Michael W. Bauer * How do enclaves adjust to changes in the external environment? A theory of enclaves and the case of Kaliningrad -- Evgeny Vinokurov * EU-Russia-Kaliningrad relations – a case of soft securitisation? -- Holger Moroff * Part II: The policy framework: Kaliningrad in its domestic and international context * Multi-level governance and centralisation in Russia: implications for EU-Russia relations -- Joan DeBardeleben * Federalism in Russia: opportunity or constraint for Kaliningrad? -- Stefan Meister * Social identity and regionalisation: the case of Kaliningrad -- Anna M. Karpenko * Kaliningrad in its neighbourhood – regional cooperation with Poland and Lithuania -- Silke Schielberg * Regional organisations in the Northern Dimension area and Kaliningrad -- Tobias Etzold * Part III: Empirical evidence: Kaliningrad and policy adaptation vis-a-vis the EU? * Economic policy -- Evgeny Vinokurov * European principles in a Russian context: the transformation of social policy? -- Vyacheslav Dykhanov * Environmental governance in Kaliningrad: lost opportunities -- Guido Müntel * Public health policy: how does Kaliningrad adapt to the EU? -- Alexandre Berlin and Greg Mestdag *Higher education in Kaliningrad -- Stefan Gänzle, Stefan Meister and Conrad King * Integrated management of the EU-Russia common border: the Kaliningrad perspective -- Alexey Ignatyev, Konstantin Shopin and Pyotr Shopin * Part IV: Conclusions * Summary: Kaliningrad and Europeanisation ‘a la carte’ -- Stefan Gänzle and Guido Müntel * Russia: a case to revise the concept of Europeanisation -- Gabriella Meloni * Postface. Coping with Stalin’s legacy and Putin’s autocracy: Kaliningrad between post-Soviet Russia and the European Union -- Helmut Hubel

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