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Chinese nationalism in perspective : historical and recent cases
Published: Westport : Greenwood Press , 2001
Pages: x, 243 s.
Language: angličtina
ISBN: 0-313-31511-6
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Obsah: Preface / William C. Kirby - Nationalism and Society - Creating a New Nation, Creating New Women: Womens Journalism and The Building of Nationalist Womanhood during the 1911 Revolution / Weikun Cheby - A Patriotic Christian Leader in Changing China--Yu Rizhang in the Turbulent 1920s / Peter Chen-main Wang - National Salvation and Cultural Reconstruction: Shanghai Professors Responses to the National Crisis in the 1930s / Xiaoqun Xu - Nationalism in the Context of Survival: The Sino-Japanese War Fought in a Local Arena, Zouping, 1937-1945 / Zhijian Shen - Nationalism, the State, and Ideology - Nationalism, Internationalism, and National Identity: China from 1895 to 1919 / Guoqi Xu - Communism, Nationalism, Ethnicism, and Chinas "National Question," 1921-1945 / Xiaoyuan Liu - Economic Nationalism versus Capitalist Economic Liberalism: The Negotiation of the Sino-American Commercial Treaty / C. X. George Wei - War Culture, Nationalism, and Political Campaigns, 1950-1953 / James Z. Gao - Restless Chinese Nationalist Currents in the 1980s and 1990s: A Comparative Reading of River Elegy and China Can Say No / Toming Ju

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