Výsledky vyhledávání | Knihovna mezinárodních vztahů Otto Picka http://katalog.iir.cz/search/by-authority/547258/rss Vyhledávání podle autority: Nakladatelé/vydavatelé = Indiana University Angola : the anatomy of an oil state Hodges, Tony Angola from Afro-Stalinism to Petro-Diamond kapitalism Hodges, Tony Trade, technology and Soviet American relations OPEC and the Third World : the politics of aid Hunter, Shireen Terrorism and the UN : before and after September 11 UN contributions to development thinking and practice History of postcolonial lusophone Africa Chabal, Patrick, 1951- United States in the Middle East : interests and obstacles Tillman, Set P. Islam, charity and activism : middle-class networks and social welfare in Egypt, Jordan and Yemen Clark, Janine A. The Vietnamese experience in America Rutledge, Paul James The Soviet Union since Stalin Divided Cyprus : modernity, history, and an island in conflict Readings in African politics A short history of African philosophy Hallen, Barry The rise and fall of development theory Leys, Colin International change and the stability of multiethnic states : Yugoslavia, Lebanon and crises of governance Arfi, Badredine The American way of war : a history of United States military strategy and policy Weigley, Russell Frank Human security and the UN : a critical history MacFarlane, Neil S. Shari'a politics : Islamic law and society in the modern world The Communist party of the Soviet Union : a functional analysis Gehlen, Michael P.